Brilliant video, really clever and excellent animation.

Please watch (ten minutes)

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  1. dotonadot says:

    I’m glad you liked it Umar as this video was intended for you originally, then as an afterthought, decided everyone would want to see it and see if their own motivations/intentions were highlighted……….
    ( I get the impression that this is the type of activity that proliferates the pages of Facebook…….when an individual (ME) deludes himself/ herself into thinking that everyone on the planet maybe interested in something, which is in fact nothing, but the individual feels compelled in sharing that something, with everyone anyway………..yet it turns out to be kak!!! )
    So glad I’m not a member………

  2. dotonadot says:

    I would have thought this video and what it highlights is so obvious that it didn’t need any explanation…….
    I think you have missed the point my non-native friend.

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