I stumbled upon this brilliant site whilst I was researching something else and found myself spending an hour on it trying to complete all the different parts to it. It can provide hours of fun though at times, it seems quite difficult to complete. It can assist in teaching advanced ESL learners a lot of vocabulary around specific themes (mountains of Europe, volcanoes of Europe, countries of Europe, ports of Europe etc) and can easily be incorporated into the lesson. It has many good points like its use of bright colours and drawings, it being very user friendly and it adopts the teaching through play technique.

One drawback to this program is that there is alot of information to deal with and a student may end up making ten guesses and still not get the right answer, which inevitably, happened to me! The site could be used in many ways, for drilling, vocabulary acquisition, (incidental & explicit), pronunciation etc but it depends on the teacher and their aims and objectives. Another drawback is that this software program could be time consuming so the teacher must decide on the best way of including it in the classroom, as well as the best time. Personally I would reccomend this type of activity at the end of a lesson or stage  as it will definitely help learners retain a lot of vocabulary.

Please give it a go and undoubtedly, it will give you many ideas for your own lesson plans just as it did to me, and don’t forget to give it a rating score out of ten.  

My rating : 8/10

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  1. Chris says:

    This is a great website thanks for sharing! It is really engaging and I think it could be great for teaching certain grammar rules, e.g. “Where is….?” to elementary learners. I would use the one where you have to locate the countries in Europe.

    You could also get your students into groups to so some of the activities promoting communication, especially negotiation. It could also be very motivating as it keeps your scores so you could get the groups competing against each other! 8/10 from me too, great site!

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